4 Reasons To Attend D-DAY 2014

1. Incredible Art
They are all creative and brilliant.  Although they are all "nail artists" they all have their own style and approach to such an intricate art. They inspire each other to improve their craft.  Whatever you want, they'll work it out for you.

2. Women Supporting Women
I have had the pleasure of working with these women for the past few years.  One thing brought us together: Nails! We are a collective of young women doing what young women from NYC do -- HUSTLE! They are students, freelancers, full-time employees... and still find the time to hustle in this nail game to do what they love.  Throughout the years we have supported each other via social media, event participation, and developed a friendship.  It's tough to find this type of love and support in any other city. 

3. Community and Network
One of my favorite aspects about D-DAY is that our clients aren't just clients.  Throughout the day they mix and mingle forming a community and a network.  I find it pretty dope when I over hear the introductions and how the conversations go from "Let me see your nails" to "here's my contact info!"  We feed you, quench your thirst, and we connect you.

4. Quality AND Quantity
Just because this is a pop-up shop event don't think we're giving up quality.  We pride ourselves in offering clean work... at damn good pricing. We partner with other small business which allow you to enjoy the event and goodies to enjoy once you're home. 
With all that said we do ask that you follow these ladies on Instagram and book your D-DAY spot today!  Come through and show us some love!

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