Diana Long was born in Bronx, New York and raised in Brooklyn. The oldest of five siblings raised by single mom, Dora, in the heart of Brooklyn, Diana quickly learned how to be a strong and independent woman. Her siblings looked to her for guidance and she is proud to see the unique individuals they have each grown to become.

From her work experiences and travels around the world, Diana has learned that being a “professional” woman doesn’t mean you have to be bland or boring in your style. Working day-to-day with women in a variety of cultures, she saw that there are ways that one can be a professional and still show off your unique personality.

When seeking that next big stage in her career, Diana started to think about the things that she loved. The art of nail polish along with her interest in the empowerment of women led her to create DIOSA Nails & Polish. She sees this new company as a fun way of helping spread the message of individuality and empowerment.

Mission Statement: 

The mission of DIOSA Nails & Polish is to be the premier nail brand committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment and inspiration for young women. We aim to admire the women who wear the nail polish, not just admire the nail polish women wear.

About Diosa Nails & Polish: 

DIOSA Nails & Polish was launched in July 2012 by founder and creator Diana Long. DIOSA is not just another nail polish brand. Diana believes that nail polish is an accessory to women and should not outshine the woman wearing the polish. DIOSA will focus on telling the stories of our women and honoring them in small, but meaningful ways. I want to put a face with the nails. Diana wants the DIOSA women to inspire their peers and the young ladies in their lives who are in need of positive role models by sharing their stories about how they got to where they are today. Wearing nail polish is a small way to show off your personality and uniqueness everyday. It is also a small affordable luxury that can easily give you a pick me up when you know the color you're wearing is HOT! "DIOSA" is the Spanish word for "Goddess". DIOSA believes that the amazing women in our lives should be treated like the DIOSAs they are. The brand represents the moxie, confidence, and aura that a “goddess” would exude. Being a woman is a gift and we should be appreciative of all the gifts in our lives.