FABulously Chic Event: A Summer Soirée

I was approached by makeup artist and blogger Kim Porter about sponsoring the upcoming Fabulously Chic event. You see, Brooklyn is my home town so I jumped at the opportunity of sponsoring my first event in Brooklyn!! It just made sense. The event offered amazingly talented sponsors, styling advice, makeup tips, mini make overs, delicious hors d'oeuvre, and pretty fancy jewelry.  It was lovely meeting the beautiful women who attended the event.  

I wasn't sure how my first event would play out, but I have to admit that it was fairly successful.  I loved watching the women get their manicures and further enjoyed listening to them tell me why they chose the DIOSA nail polish color for their mani.  DIOSA even sold the first few bottles at the event... before it was even available for purchase.  Some lucky ladies got a well in advance sneak peek at the polish. 

Thank you Kim & Janique for inviting DIOSA Nails & Polish to be part of FABulous event!

Click here to read all of the details on Kim's Blog 

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