Website Launch!

After many months of planning DIOSA Nails & Polish is live!

Please take the time to read through the FEATURED DIOSAs.  They are young women doing who are doing big things, so let's show them some love. 

As you take a look around, please contact me if you see any mistakes or come across any errors. I've been working on this site for a few weeks now and I may have missed a silly mistake. 

Special THANK YOU to my husband for his amazing support. His solid encouragement has made all of this possible. I've been heads down buried in my laptop, so he didn't have my 100% undivided attention.  Thank you lover! You're the best!!  Also, THANK YOU to all my family and friends for spreading the word, modeling, testing the polish, and being just as excited about this launch as I am.  Finally, THANK YOU to .... you! Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram love is priceless and it truly does keep me working hard.  I look forward to many more launches, contests, collaborations, and events. Most importantly I look forward to sharing stories that inspire you.

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  • So proud of you and thank you for letting me be a part of this! CONGRATS xoxoxx

    • Sandra Cuartas