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One of the most rewarding aspects of launching DIOSA has been meeting amazing women along the way. I already knew a bunch of amazing, strong, and independent women whom I met in childhood, college, and my IT career. I didn't doubt for a second that there were more women like them out there.... but I have been lucky to work closely with a new set of women. I like to call them "Nail Phile Nail".  This is my corny and what I think is a witty reference to a nail sorority referencing the greek letters Nu Phi Nu.

You see I'm in a sorority myself; and the camaraderie, support, and nail glue that holds them together is what makes this special in my eyes.  Most of these ladies had never met before this nail thing blew up but somehow there's a common love between the NYC nail girls. Maybe it's because (for the most part) they are all born and raised in NYC? Or is it that their nail game is so tight that respect is quickly earned by ruler-straight line game and extremely neat nail polish application?  Or is it that they each have their unique strength/speciality which motivates the next woman to only get better (if that's even possible)?  I'm sure it's a combination of all these.

I have found myself being so proud of these ladies as they gain "nail ambassadorships" from internationally recognized brands, as they find their work printed in internationally recoginzed media, and as they manicure celebrities.  They work hard to ensure they treat clients with respect and greet them with laughter.  They hurt their backs and wrists to ensure they give you the best damn manicure you have ever received.  I know big things are coming for these ladies and I am so flattered that they have all taken to time to work with me and DIOSA. 

Yes, their pricing is higher than you're used to... but look down at your nails and tell me it wasn't worth supporting a young woman (probably about your age) who was out there actually following her dream and achieving her goals.




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  • Wow! This really touched me. =) I too look forward to seeing your brand flourish through time, because you too inspire me to continue growing in this beauty industry. I love the idea of us being our own sorority. We sure are a sisterhood and I have only grown and pushed myself each time I am around all these amazing talents. Thank you for this D.

    Peace & Love,
    Candy J.

    • Candy J.