Featured DIOSAs

Joy: Career Woman, Mother of 4, Wife, Entrepreneur


Be Inspired by Joy:

“How do you do it?” The most common question I get every time I am introduced as a mother of four, and of course then I add “yes, I do have a full-time job as well”. There is no simple answer, I do it, because it’s my chosen path.

I’ve always wanted the career and the family and I settled for no less. As the only girl of three, I grew up watching my parents struggle financially to provide the very best they could for us, especially when...

Brittany: Wife, Blogger, & Mom-to-Be


Be Inspired by Brittany!

When people ask me why I chose to start a beauty blog, I tell them that beauty blogging chose me. I started blogging at Clumps of Mascara 5 years ago and had no idea that it would take off the way it has. Blogging gives me the opportunity to combine all of my loves; writing, technology, beauty (obviously, lol) and communicating with people all over the world. It’s a good time to be a beauty blogger for many reasons but mainly because...

BRASS: Documentarian

City: Cerritos/Long Beach
Occupation: Documentarian

Be Inspired by BRASS: 

According to philosopher Ayn Rand, "a culture is made, or destroyed, by its articulate voices". While I'm not a writer or an orator, my passion is the storytelling of various sub-cultures using the mediums of photography and documentary films. After studying Political Science at the University of Southern California, I dove right into the entertainment industry working in BET's Animation department. Production Assistant by day, LA Hip Hop photographer and chronicler by night I eventually went on to be published...

Rachel Luna: Wife, Mother, Author, Success Coach, Retired US Marine


Be inspried by Rachel Luna:

Sometimes I stand in awe of my gorgeous family, adventurous lifestyle & financial freedom, and wonder –– How did I get here? Growing up in the concrete jungle of NYC, I dreamt of twinkling lights, red carpets and cristal-clinking galas. I thought I was destined for fame.

But a conversation at Footlocker changed everything. I was 16 when a co-worker said she was joining the Marine Corps. Even though I was 4’11, suffered from activity induced asthma and was...